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7/18/11 12:28 pm

Blacktating's July Carnival of Breastfeeding has gone up today! I'm so excited to be the guest poster on Elita's blog, and to read all the other moms' stories, too! Even one about another mom and baby dealing with CP!

For the link-phobic (why would you be? I dunno, but I hear people are), I have pasted my piece below, and links to the other submissions.

In a World of Uncertainty, Boobs are CertainCollapse )
I'm so excited to read these other moms' stories about them and their babies/ kids:
Marla @ A Place to Write Things: Breastfeeding My Daughter, Who Just Happens to Have Cerebral Palsy
Jenny @ Chronicles of A Nursing Mom: Breastfeeding is the Only Way
Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog: "They said you can't breastfeed a baby with Down Syndrome"
Kelley @ Navagating: No one told me I couldn't
Kadiera @ Our Little Acorn: Eight Times A Day

2/24/11 02:01 pm - Help me reach my goal!Sponsor Me at March for Babies!

2/22/11 09:47 pm

Reading my own journal entries from just about a year ago is fascinating. I read it and i want to be that girl's friend-- I feel like i'm kind of an awesome person :-0!
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