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res_urrected's Journal

8 December
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  • res_urrected@livejournal.com
This is my second LJ. I started my first when I was in eighth grade and went on a long hiatus after eleventh grade. I find I just cannot entirely relate to that "old me" anymore, and felt that I needed to open a new chapter and a new journal for myself, much the way I would start a new notebook if I still kept paper journals.

I am a young queer woman and lucky mom to a beautiful girl born in September 2009. I'm currently in the process of getting out of a really bad marriage. I feel like I've been asleep or hibernating for several years and am just now getting me back. "Me" has changed a lot, but I like this version a lot better than any previous. Res v 3.0, maybe. I try not to be triggery, but lots of my life is up for discussion here, and that includes past child abuse, domsetic abuse, sexual assault, womens and queer issues, disability issues... I got a lot of issues, ok?

Feel free to scroll by or read in, and if you're offended: it really isn't about you anyway.